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Lenses and Coatings

Anti-Reflective Coating

raleigh optometristCommonly referred to as "A/R," anti-reflective coating is a type of lens treatment applied to reduce reflection. This improves the efficiency of the system since less light is lost and a higher percentage reaches the eye. Anti-reflective coating can help reduce eye strain from working at computers or driving at night. Aesthetically, anti-reflective coating improves how lenses look on a patient since the observer sees less glare. As your optometrist, Dr. Klaus can recommend anti-reflective coating if your lifestyle could benefit from it.

Today's premium lenses are no longer coated...instead the properties are added at the same time the lens is created. This has created a new terminology: Anti-Glare Treatment. At Triangle EyeCare, we offer multiple levels of anti-glare treatments. Why are there more than one? Our preferred treatment is extremely hydrophobic with superior resistance to smudging, fingerprints, and dust, as well as includes excellent scratch protection. Our less expensive option is cheaper while still offering many of the benefits of anti-reflective coating, making it a superb combination of product and cost. The high end option is rather costly, and offers benefits that may only be noticeable to certain wearers and will usually only be presented if recommended by the doctor.

High Index Lenses

raleigh optometristHigh index plastic lenses are thinner and lighter than regular plastic lenses. Patients often desire the attractiveness and comfort that high index lenses can offer. High index lenses can reduce the edge thickness of near sighted patients with higher prescriptions. In addition, many high index lenses are also aspheric, which reduces the "fish eyed" effect that many far sighted patients experience. As your optometrist, Dr. Klaus can recommend high index lenses if they are a good option for your prescription after your eye exam.

High Index Lenses with Anti-Glare Treatment: High Index Lenses reflect up to 50% more light than regular plastic. These reflections can counteract the aesthetic benefits of the thinner material, so many times a premium anti-glare treatment (formerly known as anti-reflective coating) is used in conjunction with high index lenses for the best results.

Polarized Lenses

raleigh optometristUnreflected light is scattered in all directions, but light reflected from surfaces such as windows, streets or water is often horizontally polarized. This means instead of being scattered, reflected light generally travels in a more horizontally oriented direction. This phenomenon is the human eye sees and generally labels as "glare." Glare is at least aggravating and at times can be dangerous. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that only lets light traveling in one direction through. In this manner, it is possible to eliminate glare with polarized sunglasses, instead of simply making it darker as with a tint.

When you visit Triangle EyeCare in North Raleigh, advise Dr. Klaus or the optical assistant of your outdoor activities. If you participate in water sports, golf, drive a car, or any one of several outdoor activities, polarized lenses may be right for you.

High Definition Lenses

Recent advances in the technology of lens manufacturing have made it easier to resolve many of the aberrations and non-uniformities left with traditional techniques. Given the term high definition lenses, these latest methods may help reduce aberrations that limit vision as well cause halos and distortions of lights at night in some patients. The end result is that high definition lenses can allow increased image quality, better peripheral vision, improved contrast sensitivity as well as less problems at night, particularly when coupled with a premium anti-glare treatment.